Those who identify as Lesbian, Gay or Bisexual (LGB) can experience issues specifically associated with their sexuality such as homophobic bullying, feeling isolated, finding it difficult to come out, family/friend rejection and struggles related to culture and religion. I also work with those who are questioning or feeling uncertain about their sexuality and need some support to make sense of things.

I work with clients by providing them with a safe LGB friendly space to help them explore their thoughts and feelings without judging them. I not only offer clients the opportunity to express and explore their thoughts and feelings, I also help them to identify what would improve the quality of their life and explore how this can be achieved.

As someone who has provided counselling via private practice, Terrence Higgins Trust, Freshwinds LGBTQ Service Birmingham, and Yorkshire MESMAC to various individuals addressing various issues related to sexuality I am knowledgeable, skilled and experienced in working with these issues.


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