Manage, Reduce Or Eliminate Your Anxiety And Understand Your Anxious Thoughts

When we feel anxious it usually means we are worried about the future, believing something bad will, or is very likely to happen. This can have a negative impact on our relationships, get in the way of work and prevent us from living a healthy life. It can also result in an increased heart rate, headaches, stomach upsets and sometimes panic attacks.

I work with clients to help them understand their anxious thoughts, develop coping strategies to reduce physical symptoms, provide a safe space in which they can express their emotions and explore ways to reduce or eliminate the anxiety. Part of counselling may also include helping clients to have a better understanding of why they respond the way they do, including looking at how the brain and body work when anxious and exploring what triggers the anxiety.

As someone who has provided counselling via private practice and a number of employee assistance programmes (EAPs) to various individuals addressing anxiety I am knowledgeable, skilled and experienced in working with these issues.

Counselling processes

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