Experiencing abuse, whether it be recent sexual abuse, rape or violence, or historic childhood abuse can have a significant impact on our lives. It can cause anxiety, sleepless nights, low self-esteem and a number of other issues. Some of us bottle up our emotions believing that this is the best thing to do, others turn to drugs and alcohol as a way to deal with the consequences of the abuse and block out the intrusive thoughts, and others attempt to take their own life. Blame, guilt, anger, shame, confusion and despair can be experienced, and counselling can help clients to appropriately express these emotions and find ways of coming to terms with the abuse.

I work with clients to help them understand why they didn’t respond to the abuse in a way in which they thought they would have done and to explore ways of addressing the effects of the abuse that are more effective than drugs, alcohol, suicide or bottling up emotions.

As someone who has provided counselling and support to children and adults addressing various forms of recent and historic abuse I am knowledgeable, skilled and significantly experienced and specialise in working with these issues.


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