Reduce Your Depression And Increase Your Mood

We all experience low moods at some point in our lives and whilst sometimes the feelings naturally pass, they sometimes linger for longer than we’d like and before we know it we are struggling to get out of bed, not eating and finding it hard to see the point to anything.

We disengage from activities, become withdrawn and reduce the amount of time we spend with friends and family.

Some people feel sad and express tears, others report feeling numb and some consider suicide.

I work with clients to help them explore their thoughts and feelings without judging them. Some clients find it useful to explore the source of the low self-esteem whilst others prefer to focus on practical interventions that can help manage their low mood.

As someone who has provided counselling via private practice, Cruse Bereavement Care and a number of employee assistance programmes (EAPs) to various individuals addressing low-self I am knowledgeable, skilled and experienced in working with these issues.


Counselling approaches I use

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