Children and young people

Coping Strategies, Healthier Outlooks, Practical Solutions And Emotional Support

Children and young people can experience difficulties that can result in them struggling to cope with the journey from childhood, via adolescence to adulthood.

Exam stress, overwhelming pressure, unrealistic expectations and confusing feelings around identity, sexual orientation and more can leave many teenagers not knowing what to do or where to turn.

Bullying, bereavement and changes to the family dynamic along with unexpected traumas can leave many children and young people feeling distressed and struggling to function as effectively as they’d like.

I am significantly experienced in working with children and young people who have also experienced recent and/or historic sexual abuse in various forms.

I managed a service for nine years where I provided support to boys who’d experienced sexual abuse and managed a team of practitioners also working with abused boys and young men.

I work within the competencies for working with children and young people, as laid out by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and I provide supervision to counsellors and other practitioners providing therapy and support to children and young people in various settings.

I work with children and young people (aged thirteen up) to help them understand and manage their thoughts, develop coping strategies and adapt their beliefs in a safe space, via a healthy therapeutic relationship in which they can express their emotions and explore solutions.

Part of counselling may also include helping children and young people to have a better understanding of why they respond the way they do, including looking at how the brain and body work.


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