Mange, Reduce Or Eliminate Your Anger And Improve How You Deal With It

We all experience anger, which is a healthy emotion to feel.

When someone has done something we believe they should not have done, or if we think we have been treated unfairly, anger can be a common response and can sometimes be linked to the physical symptoms of anxiety e.g. increased heart rate, tightening of muscles.

Anger becomes a problem when it is expressed in an unsafe and/or inappropriate way. This can subsequently have a negative effect on our work, relationships and home life.

Feeling angry is OK and really quite healthy, but it’s how anger is expressed than can be problematic.

I work with clients to help them understand and manage their anger, explore the reasons and triggers behind this and identify safe and appropriate ways in which anger can be expressed.

As someone who has provided counselling via private practice and a number of employee assistance programmes (EAPs) I am knowledgeable, skilled and experienced in working with these issues.


Counselling approaches I use

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