Sharing My Story

Counselling, psychotherapy and supervision sessions take place at as a male who has experienced physical abuse and sexual exploitation as a child, and rape as an adult I draw upon my own personal experiences and share my story with groups of practitioners and professional audiences.


I share my story in a very real and honest way that some professionals may find hard hitting, uncomfortable and upsetting.


I highlight the difficulties that boys and men face in disclosing sexual abuse and engaging with services.


I aim to increase awareness and understanding of male sexual abuse/exploitation, explore perceptions aroung masculinity and being male, discuss how the sexual abuse/exploitation of females is perceived compared to the sexual abuse/exploitation of males and most importantly explore what lessons we can learn from this.


I encourage professionals to consider their attitudes and responses towards boys and men, re-evaluate the services offered to males and consider how listening to my story could have a positive impact on their practice.

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