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Dip. Couns, MBACP (Accred)

Based in Central Leeds and Pudsey Tel: 07780 946568 Email: 

Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Supervisor and Trainer

How I Work

I work with people to help them address issues that are preventing them from living their life in the way they want and explore ways of appropriately, realistically and effectively addressing these issues.


People come to counselling for many different reasons and part of my role is to help them make the best use of counselling and to clarify what they’d like to achieve from counselling. I do not tell people what to do or make them talk about things they don’t want to but I do help people to address their feelings, explore their thoughts and understand their behaviour in a safe, therapeutic and non-judgemental environment.


I am an eclectic counsellor/psychotherapist which means I will use different elements of therapeutic approaches, namely Person Centred Counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Solution-Focused Brief Therapy. I will tailor my approach specifically for you.


Person Centred Counselling

The Person Centred approach believes that as human beings we will move towards doing what is best for us when we are provided with the right environment in which the therapeutic core conditions of empathy, acceptance and genuineness can be experienced. Person Centred counselling and psychotherapy has a strong focus on a positive relationship being established between client and counsellor. As someone who has received and provided Person Centred counselling I can see from a personal and professional level the benefits this way of working can bring. If you'd like to know more about the Person Centred approach please visit The British Association for the Person Centred Approach.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

CBT focuses on exploring a person’s thought process and perception of their situation. This approach believes that how we think about our situation and the beliefs that we attach to it affect our behaviour and in turn create the emotions we struggle to deal with. CBT highlights that by thinking differently about our situation, we will then behave and feel differently. If you'd like to know more about CBT please visit The British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies.


Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy aims make effective use of time by focusing more on solutions rather than problems. The approach aims to create positive change by identifying a person’s preferred and realistic future and by building on what a person is already doing, or has already done to manager their situation. you'd like to know more about the Solution-Focused Brief  Therapy approach please visit The Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Association



My Counselling Experience

I am a qualified therapist and since 2004 I have provided one-to-one counselling and psychotherapy to children, young people and adults on a wide range of issues.


While I specialise in working with male sexual abuse, I am also experienced in working with other issues such as stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, bereavement, anger, low self-esteem, relationship difficulties and more.


Since 2004 I have worked with a variety of individuals including those affected by bereavement via Cruse Bereavement Care, those addressing issues relating to their sexual orientation via Terrence Higgins Trust and Freshwinds Birmingham, and children affected by a range of issues via Relate’s Time for You service and in a number of secondary schools.


Since 2007 I have worked in private practice, ran a counselling service in the Midlands and also provided counselling for ITV and a number of Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs).


I am registered and accredited with The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) meaning by counselling practice has been deemed sufficiently ethical.

Where and When

Counselling sessions take place at Blayds Yard in central Leeds or at my counselling room located in Stanningley, Leeds.


Blayds Yard is located close to the Cosmopolitan Hotel on Lower Briggate and is a five minute walk from Leeds train station.


For directions please click on the 'Contact & Follow' page.


The counselling room in Stanningley is located on Stanningley Road, close to the fire station. The 72 bus stops directly outside and Bramley train station is a 15 minute walk away.


Appointments are available Monday to Friday between 8.30am - 8.00pm and some Saturday appointments are occasionaly available. I offer individual face to face counselling to adults, young people and children.


Each counselling session costs £50.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does each session last? 

One hour


How long does counselling last?

Counselling can be short term or long term. The amount of time required to effectively address issues depends on a number of points, including the level of commitment and engagement given to counselling and what you want to achieve from counselling.


How can I pay?

All sessions must be paid for fully in cash before the end of each session.


Do I have to sign anything?

Yes. There is a counselling agreement which makes it safe for us to both work together. We both sign this and each get a copy.


Is counselling confidential?

Yes. The only time I may have to breach confidentiality is when I am aware that you or someone else is at immediate risk of serious/significant harm.


Is parking nearby?

Blayds Yard: Parking is available at Q-Park nearby at Criterion Place.

Stanningley Road: Parking is available outside the property and in the surrounding streets.


Do you offer discounted rates?

No. Discounted rates are not available.


Clients have given permission for their comments to be used on this site.


"A man of my age doesn't open up very easily to strangers, but after the first session I felt like such a weight had been lifted from my shoulders." Ted


"I was so nervous but Phil really helped me to relax. He listened to me in a way that I have never been listened to before." John


"Seeing Phil gave me a better understanding of my situtation and helped me see I was totally stressed, and angry at the whole wide world. Now I have learned to relax and look at life differently." Donna


"I think everyone should have counselling. It's changed my life in ways I never thought it could." Lee


“Phil is warm, genuine and easy to talk to, and my sessions with him helped me both to cope with a stressful transition, and to make positive changes in my life. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Phil (in fact, I’ve already done so).” Rosie


"Phil appeared to be skilled in the two areas I was having problems with (coming to terms with my sexuality and substance misuse; these being linked). By the time I saw him, my problems had escalated to involve my employer and the police. Phil helped me through the worst time of my life. He was professional, kind, non-judgemental and I enjoyed our sessions. He helped me understand myself better and helped me face the future with confidence. If any of my problems are what faces you, I doubt you could make a better choice." Colin

My Specialist Experience

I specialise in working with male sexual abuse and have significant experience in working with men and boys affected by rape, sexual abuse, sexual assaults and sexual violence. I have over eight years experience of managing a male only sexual exploitation service and in supporting boys and men at risk of, or who have experienced sexual exploitation and abuse. I am also an experienced trainer and public speaker addressing male sexual abuse on a national level.


As a survivor of abuse I know personally and professionally how males often find it particularly difficult in asking for help and seeking counselling. This is due to old fashioned gender stereotypes and perceived ideas about what it means to male. During childhood and adolescence boys are often given messages about how they should and shouldn't behave e.g. 'man up,' 'don't cry,' 'grow a pair,' 'be a big man.' These messages often shape a boy's idea of their masculinity, what it means to be male and how they need to behave as man. This can result in boys becoming men who think they need to respond to problems by expressing violence and/or supressing emotions.


As males are generally seen as the stronger and less vulnerable sex this gives many boys and men an added difficulty to overcome, particularly when they have experienced sexual violence/abuse. When boys and men do not have the space to talk about their issues and appropriately express their emotions it can result in outbursts of uncontrollable rage, severe anxiety, chronic depression and in some cases the manifestation of a physical ailment. Males who have experienced sexual violence/abuse sometimes believe their masculinity has been attacked and that asking for help and seeking support is another threat to their masculinity. It is important to remember that when men talk about their problems and express their feelings this is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of strength.


Between 2013 and 2015 I also managed a project working with child sexual exploitation (CSE) organisations across the country helping them develop their services for boys. The number of boys referred for support increased from 91 to 249 across twenty local authorities. I have also developed and implemented various national initiatives, resources and campaigns aimed at tackling the sexual exploitation of boys. I have appeared in local and national media highlighting the issues faced by men and boys who are raped, abused and sexually exploited and I have contributed to various publications including 'Children and Young People Now' and 'Inside Man' by Dan Bell and Glen Poole.


Since 2009 I have delivered training to thousands of professionals across the country addressing the sexual abuse and exploitation of boys and men and the difficulties they face in asking for help. In 2014 my work in the field of male sexual abuse was acknowledged when I was also nominated for an' Unsung Hero Award' and was a finalist in the category, 'Longest Journey Under Challenging Conditions'.


Counselling at a Glance

  • Provided counselling and psychotherapy since 2004

  • Based in Leeds city centre and Bramley/Stanningley area

  • Fully qualified, registered and accredited

  • Experienced in working with stress, anxiety, anger and much more

  • Significant experience in working with sexual abuse/violence

  • Specialist in working with boys and men affected by sexual abuse

  • Therapeutic support for emotionally difficulties

  • Techniques to deal with stress and anxiety

  • Understanding why you respond/behave the way you do

  • £50 per one hour session


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