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Dip. Couns, MBACP (Accred)

Based in Central Leeds and Pudsey Tel: 07780 946568 Email: 

Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Supervisor, Trainer and Male Sexual Abuse Specialist

Sharing My Story


As a male who has experienced physical abuse, sexual exploitation and rape I draw upon my own personal experiences and share my story with groups of practitioners and professional audiences. I share my story in a very real and honest way that some professionals may find hard hitting.


I highlight the difficulties that boys and men face in disclosing abuse and address barriers to engaging with services that specifically relate to being male.


I aim to increase awareness and understanding of male abuse, explore how being male can affect perceptions of masculinity, discuss how the abuse of females is perceived compared to the abuse of males and most importantly explore what lessons we can learn from this.


I encourage professionals to consider their attitudes and responses towards boys and men, re-evaluate the services offered to males and consider how listening to my story could have a positive impact on their practice.

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Professionals have given permission for their comments to feature below.


"Having attended training with Phil, I would highly recommend it. Phil showed great skill in presenting a challenging topic in a way that was accessible and highly engaging. The training was of high quality and Phil's extensive experience and passion for what he does shone through. I'd say it was essential training for anyone working with young people." 

Dee, Young people's Counsellor- Leeds


"Phil is passionate and knowledgeable about male sexual abuse and exploitation. He is an engaging trainer who holds the attention of all those present in the room throughout the duration of the course and his materials are of high quality. I always learn something new from him and would highly recommend him to others. As project coordinator for BLAST Yorkshire, he has made a significant difference to a large number of young men and their families, as well as increasing the skills and knowledge of professionals working with them."

Adele Gladman, Director Safeguarding Children Training and Consultancy Ltd


"As a busy professional it can be difficult to find the time to attend training, however this is one trainer who deserves your attention. Phil's extensive knowledge and experience brought this training to life and his passion was unquestionable. All topics explored throughout training were engaging (gripping at times) and delivered through a variety of learning styles including opportunities to network with other professionals. This training encouraged me to re-assess best practice within my setting in order to ensure a more inclusive way of supporting males. Thank you Phil."    

Hannah Wilkinson, Emotional Well Being Worker, Temple Learning Academy


"Phil is passionate and highly knowledgeable about male sexual abuse and exploitation. He is a skilled and engaging trainer, delivering information and increasing awareness around this sensitive topic in a manner which is accessible. His personal warmth and genuineness are key factors in making his training sessions so highly respected by the wide range of professionals who have attended. I regularly recommend his training to other professionals, as I believe it is an essential area of learning for all of us."

Susan Utting-Simon MBACP Snr Accred Counsellor/Psychotherapist & Supervisor, Chair of BACP Private Practice Division


"Phil is an experienced practitioner and trainer and draws on his extensive work as a qualified counsellor, front line practitioner and service co-ordinator in the field of Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse to inform his practice. He will champion people’s rights and ensures that he keeps them central to the support and the services they are receiving. Phil is a strong advocate for young people and ensures that their voice is heard on both an individual and collective level. His training is informed by real life examples and situations and Phil is an engaging and knowledgeable trainer. Phil is passionate and driven about his work and always gives 100% in everything that he does."

Emma Holmes, CEO – The Market Place


"Passion, expertise, practice based knowledge, personal experience, Phil's training incorporates it all! His sessions are engaging and professionally delivered and they leave his audience feeling well informed and better equipped to understand and respond to the needs of boys and young men affected by grooming and CSE. He is a joy to work alongside and his training comes highly recommended."

Nola Ellen Education, Training and Consultancy

My Training Experience

  • As someone who has experienced rape and child sexual exploitation (CSE) and supported boys and men who have experienced sexual abuse I am appropriately placed to provide training addressing male sexual abuse/exploitation

  • I have significant experience in public speaking and training professionals addressing issues related to male sexual abuse

  • I have developed nationally recognised male sexual abuse/exploitation training

  • Since 2009 I have delivered male sexual abuse/exploitation  to thousands of professionals across the country

  • Training is informed by my many years of practice, working with boys and men affected by sexual abuse/exploitation. This ensures that the content is kept up to date and that the voices of males are heard

  • I deliver high quality training in a dynamic and engaging way, using interactive methods and anecdotal stories from personal and professional experiences

  • I provide training that focuses on achieving realistic and measurable outcomes, aiming to make a real difference to boys and men

  • I have developed and delivered training aimed at identifying boys at risk of sexual exploitation and challenging gender biased practice

  • I have worked with various organisations and practitioners to help make their services and practice accessible to, and inclusive of males.

  • I have delivered training  to  large children's charities, voluntary sector organisations, child sexual exploitation services, youth provisions, counselling organisations, CAMHS services, educational professionals, sexual health practitioners, other health professionals, housing workers, children's social care, safeguarding children boards and various police forces and local authority work forces

  • I have delivered bespoke training addressing various aspects of male sexual abuse/exploitation

  • I have also delivered training to various groups of professionals on other issues such as basic counselling skills and sexual orientation

Sharing my Story 8th Sep 2017 Image Phil at SMS evebt Sep 2017 Training Image Nov 2017

Training at a Glance

  • Provided male abuse training since 2009

  • Delivered nationally

  • Based on real life, practice and research

  • Delivered to small groups and large audiences

  • Training and guest speaker presentations available

  • Various interactive training methods used

  • Visually engaging PowerPoints

  • Dynamic and engaging speaker/trainer

  • Various training courses available

  • Bespoke training/presentations also available

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Unsung Heroes 2014

CSE Training: Identifying Boys


Aim: To increase professional's ability to accurately and appropriately identify boys and young men who have been, are being or are at risk of being sexually exploited.


The course will cover:

  • Identifying and addressing barriers for professionals in tackling male CSE

  • Recognising and responding to CSE warning signs displayed by boys

  • How gender affects professional perception of risk

  • How to challenge gender biased practice

  • Tackling gender stereotypes

  • Tackling perpetrator and victim myths

  • Real life stories of sexually abused/exploited boys and how boys at risk of CSE were identified

  • Gender and the law

  • Relevant research, policies and procedures        

  • Useful organisations

CSE Training: Engaging with Boys


Aim: To increase professional's ability in engaging with boys and young men who have been, are being or are at risk of being sexually exploited.

The course will cover:

  • Identifying and addressing barriers for boys and young men in disclosing CSE and engaging with services

  • Understanding the reasons why boys and young men can find it hard to disclose CSE and engage with support

  • How to make services and practice inclusive of and accessible to boys and young men

  • Exploring how to engage with boys and young men to achieve positive outcomes

  • Real life stories of sexually abused and exploited boys at risk of CSE and how they engaged

  • How societal conditioning and environment impacts on boy's development

  • Understanding the boy brain

  • How masculinity, sexual orientation and gender stereotypes impact on boys at risk of or experiencing sexual abuse/exploitation

  • Useful resources

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