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Dip. Couns, MBACP (Accred)

Based in Central Leeds and Pudsey Tel: 07780 946568 Email: 

Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Supervisor, Trainer and Male Sexual Abuse Specialist

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Professionals have given permission for their comments to feature below.


"Having attended training with Phil, I would highly recommend it. Phil showed great skill in presenting a challenging topic in a way that was accessible and highly engaging. The training was of high quality and Phil's extensive experience and passion for what he does shone through. I'd say it was essential training for anyone working with young people." 

Dee, Young people's Counsellor- Leeds


"Phil is passionate and knowledgeable about male sexual abuse and exploitation. He is an engaging trainer who holds the attention of all those present in the room throughout the duration of the course and his materials are of high quality. I always learn something new from him and would highly recommend him to others. As project coordinator for BLAST Yorkshire, he has made a significant difference to a large number of young men and their families, as well as increasing the skills and knowledge of professionals working with them."

Adele Gladman, Director Safeguarding Children Training and Consultancy Ltd


"As a busy professional it can be difficult to find the time to attend training, however this is one trainer who deserves your attention. Phil's extensive knowledge and experience brought this training to life and his passion was unquestionable. All topics explored throughout training were engaging (gripping at times) and delivered through a variety of learning styles including opportunities to network with other professionals. This training encouraged me to re-assess best practice within my setting in order to ensure a more inclusive way of supporting males. Thank you Phil."    

Hannah Wilkinson, Emotional Well Being Worker, Temple Learning Academy


"Phil is passionate and highly knowledgeable about male sexual abuse and exploitation. He is a skilled and engaging trainer, delivering information and increasing awareness around this sensitive topic in a manner which is accessible. His personal warmth and genuineness are key factors in making his training sessions so highly respected by the wide range of professionals who have attended. I regularly recommend his training to other professionals, as I believe it is an essential area of learning for all of us."

Susan Utting-Simon MBACP Snr Accred Counsellor/Psychotherapist & Supervisor, Chair of BACP Private Practice Division


"Phil is an experienced practitioner and trainer and draws on his extensive work as a qualified counsellor, front line practitioner and service co-ordinator in the field of Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse to inform his practice. He will champion people’s rights and ensures that he keeps them central to the support and the services they are receiving. Phil is a strong advocate for young people and ensures that their voice is heard on both an individual and collective level. His training is informed by real life examples and situations and Phil is an engaging and knowledgeable trainer. Phil is passionate and driven about his work and always gives 100% in everything that he does."

Emma Holmes, CEO – The Market Place


"Passion, expertise, practice based knowledge, personal experience, Phil's training incorporates it all! His sessions are engaging and professionally delivered and they leave his audience feeling well informed and better equipped to understand and respond to the needs of boys and young men affected by grooming and CSE. He is a joy to work alongside and his training comes highly recommended."

Nola Ellen Education, Training and Consultancy


"Phil is a very engaging, informative and thought provoking trainer.  I believe the feedback from delegates is the measure of the true effect and impact of training. Feedback is always a repetition of adjectives such as fantastic, excellent, brilliant, which speaks volumes. The significance for me is the delegates declared enthusiasm to challenge attitudes of gender stereotype in regards to male victims of CSE, because without challenge there will be no change."

Heather Corson, Community Safety Officer for South Ribble Borough Council


"Phil shared his expertise and knowledge at a Regional Learning Event in the North East of England recently. If you have the opportunity to attend one of Phil’s training sessions I would absolutely encourage you to do so. This is an extremely challenging topic and Phil manages to incorporate both his professional and personal experiences to create an excellent teaching and learning environment. Phil has a unique delivery style which kept all in attendance engaged throughout the day. Phil’s energy and passion shone through and the excellent feedback he received was a testament to his hard work and commitment to raising awareness of male sexual abuse and male sexual exploitation."

Julie Henry, Practice Tutor, Frontline


"Phil is an extremely knowledgeable & passionate speaker; the way he talks about his personal experience is engaging & informative. The feedback we received regarding Phil’s attendance at our conference was excellent, this show’s his dedication & commitment to raising awareness on CSE with Boys & young men as well as the impact this has on Victims."

Lisa Robinson, CSE Coordinator – Bedfordshire


"Phil’s extensive experience and passion for what he does shone through, which is reflected in how practitioners rated his presentation, as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’.  His authenticity is a key factor in making his presentation so highly respected by all those that have  attended."    

Catherine Warrener, RLSCB Quality Assurance, Rotherham Children Safeguarding Board and Adult Safeguarding Board


"I thought that the session was very helpful and made me aware of the gender bias that exists."

Catherine Bartholomew Vice Principal, Beauchamp College, Leicester


"I attended Phil's session and wanted to say how brilliant it was. As a police officer with over 26yrs experience I know how slow we can be to recognise signs that we should be spotting. Your honesty and openness struck a chord due to a family issue that I haven't managed to deal with yet but I'm now hopeful. Thank you."

Tony Mannion, Leicestershire Police


"Phil presented to a diverse audience of professionals from police, social services, education, probation and health. His presentation was extremely informative and engaging and he challenged everybody in the room to think about how gender-bias could affect decisions they make in their professional lives and how these should be re-considered in order to better safeguard boys and young men. I don’t hesitate to recommend Phil – the style, content and delivery of his presentation are all excellent."

Claire Tompkins, CSE Communications Officer, Leicestershire Police & Northamptonshire Police

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