Phil Mitchell

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Dip. Couns, MBACP (Accred)

Based in Central Leeds and Pudsey Tel: 07780 946568 Email: 

Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Supervisor, Trainer and Male Sexual Abuse Specialist

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"A man of my age doesn't open up very easily to strangers, but after the first session I felt like such a weight had been lifted from my shoulders." Ted


"I was so nervous but Phil really helped me to relax. He listened to me in a way that I have never been listened to before." John


"Seeing Phil gave me a better understanding of my situation and helped me see I was totally stressed, and angry at the whole wide world. Now I have learned to relax and look at life differently." Donna


"I think everyone should have counselling. It's changed my life in ways I never thought it could." Lee


“Phil is warm, genuine and easy to talk to, and my sessions with him helped me both to cope with a stressful transition, and to make positive changes in my life. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Phil (in fact, I’ve already done so).” Rosie


"Phil appeared to be skilled in the two areas I was having problems with (coming to terms with my sexuality and substance misuse; these being linked). By the time I saw him, my problems had escalated to involve my employer and the police. Phil helped me through the worst time of my life. He was professional, kind, non-judgemental and I enjoyed our sessions. He helped me understand myself better and helped me face the future with confidence. If any of my problems are what faces you, I doubt you could make a better choice." Colin


"Before starting my sessions with Phil I had attempted suicide, couldn’t get over the past and it was always effecting my life, friendships and relationship. I had reached the end of my road and not seeing any future. Once I started my sessions I straight away was able to deal more with day to day activities and was close to stop going because I felt a little better but I kept going because I was still on my journey to what I was going to become and I am so glad I did, each sessions I learnt something new about myself and that I wasn’t as broken as I originally thought. By the end of my all my sessions my mood had lifted, I was happy and the wall at the end the road was torn down and now my life has a long road full of opportunities. The amazing thing is I haven’t changed any major things in my life but how I now think and deal with them. I can not thank Phil enough for not only giving me my life back but a reason to live." Ben


"I had 6 sessions with Phil recently... Before counselling I felt totally overwhelmed. I made no sense of the experience I went through. Phil is a very easy going guy, very easy to talk to, and non-judgemental during sessions. He made me see things in a clear and different light. I now feel so much better having counselling." Paul


"Amazing counselling, always leads you to the outcome you know is there , helps you understand the changes you need to make even simple small ones , that help in so many ways , Phil helped me find the light , and I'm never sitting in the dark again." Shaun


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